i Stay Green Loyalty Reward Program
Join " i Stay Green Loyalty Reward Program" and enjoy an exclusive free stay. Buy 4 overnights within 2 years and redeem 1 free overnight. Let's Stay Green, Stay Longer for free! (The program starts from September 15th, 2017).
Apply for Program
  • 1.If you are already an online member of Silks Hotel Group, please click Join Now and fill in your account and password to log in. You would be automatically enrolled in the program.
  • 2.If you are not an online member of Silks Hotel Group, please click Join Now to apply for membership. After all the basic information is being submitted, and upon receiving your application, we will contact you via email regarding your application. Please activate your account to join the program by the mail.
How to Accumulate Your Overnights
  • When checking in, please kindly inform front desk that you have joined the program and provide your account for register. Please do reconfirm with front desk staff that your overnights have been accumulated. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Accumulation Regulation and Policy
  • 1. You could accumulate qualified overnights by direct booking "Seasonal Room Package" through hotel website. The program cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions; the accumulation regulations of other packages please refer to the package description. All hotel vouchers can not be accumulated. 
  • 2.Every overnight can only be accumulated once by one guest who has literally stayed at hotel and cannot be combined and transferred to others.
  • 3.Every overnight accumulation is only valid for 2 years (from 1 day before check-out). Expired overnight accumulation is not acceptable (e.g. if you stay from 2020/1/1 to 2020/1/3, it counts from 2020/1/2 and can accumulate 2 nights, the valid date is on 2022/1/2)
  • 4.The " i Stay Green Loyalty Reward Program " starts from September 15th 2017, for any overnights booked after September 15th 2017 can be accumulated as well.
How to Redeem Free Overnight
  • 1.If you have accumulated 4 verified overnights, please log in your account and click Redeem Now. Choose 4 of your accumulated overnights and click Confirm Redeem. You would be rewarded by a digital hotel voucher. You can find more information on Redeem Record page.
  • 2.If you have accumulated 4 overnights with the same room type, you could redeem one free night of the same room type. If you have accumulated 4 overnights with different room types, you could only redeem a free night staying at the most basic room type among all 4 accumulated overnights.
  • 3.If you have accumulated more than 4 overnights, choose any 4 of them to redeem.
  • 4.The hotel has 11 room types, please refer to below for their orders starting from the most basic one: 【The Garden View Room】 → 【The Japanese Room】 → 【The Gorge View Room】 → 【The Gorge View with Balcony】 → 【The Gorge View Suite】 → 【The Honeymoon Studio】 → 【The Garden View Suite】 → 【The Mei Yuan Suite】 → 【The River View Suite】→ 【Taroko Gorge Suite】→ 【Taroko Gorge Suite with Terrace】
  • Please reclaim overnights within the expiration date, expired overnights cannot be reclaimed.
Redeem Digital Hotel Voucher and Book Your Free Stay
  • Please log in and click“Redeem Record”to check your digital hotel voucher. Click“Book Now”and choose your ideal visiting date and number of guests to complete your online booking. We will contact you via email regarding your accommodation confirmation. If you do not receive the email please contact RSVN by dialing +886 3 869 1155 or mailing to rsvn@silksplace-taroko.com.tw
Digital Hotel Voucher Policy
  • 1.All digital vouchers are valid for 180 days (from the day of redemption). Expired vouchers are not redeemable.
  • 2.All digital vouchers can be used on week days only and cannot be used during holidays and long weekends. There will be additional charges during specific dates, please refer to hotel calendar.
  • 3.Additional surcharges will be incurred for upgrading to other room type.  If you stay in Resort Room type, please kindly noticed that the it cannot upgrade to Retreat Room type.
  • 4.Additional surcharges will be incurred to the 3rd and the 4th person in the same room.
  • 5.Digital hotel vouchers cannot be redeemed until your next stay.
  • 6.Digital hotel vouchers can be used by anyone else.
  • 7.Hotel reserves the right to modify, add, change or suspend these terms and conditions any time with or without notice.
How to Reclaim Your Overnights Accumulation
  • 1.Please log in on the program website, click Reclaim Overnights Accumulation and key in Check-in / Check-out date before submitting. The verifying process will take 3 working days and we will inform you of the results by e-mail.
  • 2.The reclaim application only accepts website application; phone calls and emails requests are not acceptable.
Reclaim Application Policy
  • 1.The overnights within 90-days (starting from 1 day before check-out date) can be reclaimed. Expired overnights are not acceptable.
  • 2.Reclaim application should be submitted by the same person who have literally stayed at hotel, and those overnights cannot be transferred.
  • 3.Reclaimed overnights are valid for 2 years (starts from 1 day before check-out date), expired overnights cannot be reclaimed.
  • 1. Hotel reserves all the rights to modify, change or suspend these terms and conditions anytime with or without notice.
  • 2. If you did not receive the verification email, please check the email address is correct and the spam folder; to avoid the situation of not receiving the email from " i Stay Green Loyalty Reward Program", the company email and free public email are not suggested for registration. (Yahoo, PChome, Hotmail etc. usually has mail blocking system).