Local Promotion included breakfast

TWD 1,800 and up

本專案適用振興三倍券 ( 12/31 止)
Local Promotion included breakfast

Official website booking special offer

TWD 2,300 and up

Offer content:

【Living】One night living

【Food】Free breakfast according to check-in number


1. This special offer will be eligible only if booking on official website, and only 5 rooms are offered every day. Special offer cannot be changed while checking-in.

2. This special offer can not be used together with other offers.

3. Rooms of special offer provided each day are limited, according to numbers on the official website.

Official website booking special offer

Master Card Member Exclusive Promotion

TWD 4,700 and up (Including 10% service charge)

  1. Discount NT $ 300 per room / night according to the official website price (the displayed price is the amount after discount), and provide breakfast for each room type.
  2. The full amount must be paid with a Master Card to enjoy the discount.
  3. Cannot be used in conjunction with other project offers, and reservations must be made through the official credit card project in advance.
  4. Credit card customers need to swipe the credit card at checkout, without any bonus points.
  5. Please refer to the hotel definition for the increase of fare, room type upgrade, definition of special holidays and special holiday regulations.
  6. VIPs are required to check in before check-in; show the bank credit card to the counter to enjoy the discount.
Master Card Member Exclusive Promotion