Silks Hotels Group Terms and Conditions

Welcome to sign up as member on Silks Hotels Group ("Website"), all the services and this Website are provided by 『Silks Hotels Group』("Company") . By using and accessing this Website and services Company provided, such as clicking『I agree to use Purchaser information to sign up as a member」, you acknowledge and agree Silks Hotels Group Terms and Conditions. Please read Silks Hotels Group Terms and Conditions carefully.

Silks Hotels Group Privacy Policy

All the services and this Website are provided by Silks Hotels Group, to protect your privacy, we hereby notify you how we use, collect and/or disclose your personal information to comply with Section 8 of Personal Information Protection Act:

Section 1. How we use and collect your personal information

The purpose to collect your personal information is to process client and membership management as well as internal investigation and analysis (the codes for specific collection purpose are 040, 090, 148, 157). Company will collect your personal information by your registration as our Website member or by the placing of your booking order.

Section 2. Classification of personal information

The personal information we collect include, such as:
1. C001 Person identification: name, address, phone, email
2. C002 Financial identification: credit card or account number
3. C011Personal description: gender, Nationality , birthday
4. C021Family: marriage, children

Section 3. The duration, area, parties and the way we use your personal information

Duration:lifetime of the services and Website provided by Company
Parties :except for the process of client and membership management as well as internal investigation and analysis, we will:
*Delivery: disclose your personal information to carriers for product delivery.
*Transaction: disclose your personal information, such as credit card number, account number to complete the online transaction.
*Marketing:use your personal information on marketing, promotion

Section 4. Your right on your personal information

The following rights should be exercised by you with regard to your personal information:
1. any inquiry and request for a review of the personal information。
2. any request to make duplications of the personal information
3. any request to supplement or correct the personal information。
4. any request to discontinue collection, processing or use of personal information。
5. any request to delete the personal information。
We will use your personal information on sending eDM as well as other promotion notices, please provide correct information to have such benefits. You may contact our customer service to have your personal information changed or added to have those benefits.

Silks Hotels Group Policy

You should maintain and be responsible the accuracy of all the information you provided to Silks Hotels Group or publish on Internet, you should be in compliance with all the applicable laws regarding Internet use. Without the prior written consent from Silks Hotels Group, please do not copy or use any contents of the Website. Subject to your compliance of any terms and conditions, or policy we provided, you can use and browse all the services or contents we offer.

By using or browsing the Website, you acknowledge and agree the following:

Silks Hotels Group intellectual property right

(a) Subject to all the terms and conditions of Silks Hotels Group, Silks Hotels Group hereby grants you a limited, personal, non-commercial, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-assignable, free of charge license to access or enter the Website and its services.
(b) Except for rights granted expressly in advance by Silks Hotels Group or other licensors, you agree that you will not copy, modify any materials of Website.

Silks Hotels Group Limitation of Use

you agree that you will not remove, obscure, make illegible or alter any materials or indications of Website. You shall be liable for any breach of the terms above-mentioned and Silks Hotels Group may arise any claim against you.