Booking method

1. Please choose the room first, and then you can add extra order of THSR ticket on the checkout page.
2. If you have already chosen rooms, please click to order THSR ticket. 。

  • Standard Charges of project
    ※ This project is to offer better THSR fee when booking rooms online, therefore we will charge 【Deposit of room booking】and【Full amount of THSR fee】
    ※ 「Concession ticket」(For senior persons、disabled、child) Same price as THSR ticket window, no discount on these.
  • Standard Regulation
    ※ All the information of date / time / train no. should be according to the THSR system, it cannot be promised for serial seat or in the same car in this project.
    ※ Please follow THSR system for the train no. and seat, it cannot be promised to book seat successfully in rush hours.
    ※ When you buy the THSR tickets of our project, all the changes you would like to make should be via our booking system, such as order tickets / book seats / change time ( for tickets not collected only) / cancellation (must cancel rooms and THSR tickets together).
  • Limitation of Extra order of THSR
    • Whether departure or arrival station should be in the same city of the hotel, then you can order one way ticket or round trip ticket, we offer the adult tickets for seats of standard and business car.
    • You can order tickets one day before(on) the check-in and one day after(on) the check-out day.
    • o Extra order tickets should be the same numbers of people for check-in, if check-in of 2 people, you can buy 2 sets of round trip ticket, that is 4 tickets in total (The maximum is 10 sets, 20 tickets in total.). Tickets must be for the same class and the same departure and arrival stations.
    • You can book seats for each set of round trip tickets at least 29 days in advanced and 60 minute before departure of the train (For some special holidays, THSR company may open booking much earlier, please check the passengers guideline of THSR.), if you would like to book seats of 1st May, you can book on 3rd April 0:00 am (please follow the time schedule of THSR system); besides, you can book dates of each set of round trip according to each hotel’s policy, for example, according to the authorized hotel, you can book seat 1 day before(on) the check-in date or 1 day after(on) the check-out date. If you will check-in on the 1st May and check-out on the 2nd May, you and book seats during 30 April to 3rd May. You can still have a special price of THSR tickets of 20% discount if you book rooms 29 days earlier, afterwards you can book seats on the hotel system (Special price for pre-oder, but without a seat, you have to book seat on the system later.)
    • Business car of Nangang <-> Banqiao、Nangang<->Taipei、Banqiao<->Taipei lines are not included in this project.
  • Identity statement:
    • Child ticket:Children under 12 years old can buy child ticket, a lap child under 115cm can be exempt but should be accompanied with an adult, and every adult can accompany 2 lap children.
    • Senior ticket: People of R.O.C. national over(of) 65 years old can buy senior tickets with valid documents.
    • Disable ticket: People of R.O.C. national with disability card and one of his/her companion can buy disable tickets ( on the back of disability card shows “Domestic mass transportation” will offer 50% discount of the companion.) If the companion is a foreigner, please fill in the passenger information of the diablo one. You can not book in advance of the barrier free seat on the system, please call the service center if you would like to book the barrier free sear: 4066-3000 (Miaoli area: 4266-3000,Taitung 、Kinmen area 4666-3000,Mazu area and mobile 02-4066-3000,International no. +886-2-4066-3000。You have to pay for all the call above, according to the telephone fee of local calls and mobile calls / international calls. Service time: 06:00~24:00)or buy the ticket at the Ticket window.
  • Purchasing ticket of THSR members:
    1.There is no member immediately confirmation of the system, if you enter the incorrect member information, you can not earn the points.
    2.To apply for a member and how to earn the points please check THSR website.
  • Notification of collecting ticket and cancel the rooms
    • Collect THSR ticket:
      • Please collect THSR ticket at Ticket window or some convenience stores with Kiosk (we suggest to arrive 30 minutes in advance, need more time on holidays or rush hours. Need to pay handling fee to convenient stores(NT$10 for each ticket, NT$20 for round trip tickets.
      • You cannot collect tickets for senior or disable persons from the ticket machine. Please go to ticket window to pay and collect tickets, or some convenient stores in our partnership, please show your ID or driving license.
      • If children is over 150cm but under 12-year-old, or is over 115cm but under 6-year-old, please show ID when buying Child tickets.
      • Please pay attention to your departure time and collect ticket in advance, if you are late to collect ticket and cannot take the train, it cannot be refund.
      • If you would like to buy concession tickets, but without any valid documents to proof eligible, please follow THSR passenger guideline.
    • Change ticket time:
      If you would like to change ticket time, for example, to postpone or change time….etc, please follow the rules below
      • Tickets not collected yet: please log in the system with order no. and password, and re-book the seat.
      • Tickets already collected, you cannot change time or cancel by yourself in this project, please go to ticket window 30 minutes earlier before departure to make changes; or go to the original convenient store or ticket window that you collected the ticket 30 minutes earlier before departure to get refund. Please pay attention to the departure time and collect tickets in advance, if you are late for the ticket and cannot take the train, it cannot be refund.
    • Cancel the booking:
      • THSR ticket not booked or not collected、already booked but not collected: please log in the system with order no. and password to make cancellation at least 30 minutes before departure.
      • THSR ticket already booked and collected: please go to ticket window to get refund, handling fee is NT$20 for each ticket( if you collected ticket at convenient store, please go to the original convenient store to get refund, handling charge is NT$20 for each ticket. 30 minutes after refunding, please log in the system to cancel your booking rooms, hotel will refund according to the rooms. (Refunding will follow each hotel’s terms that you’ve agreed with.)
      • If you would like to cancel your room, you need to cancel THSR ticket all together, you cannot cancel the rooms only.
      • Refunding will follow Silks Place TarokoTHSR passengers guideline.
  • Silks Place TarokoTHSR has the right to adjust or stop this project.
  • Public statement on Privacy policy of THSR bundle offer